League Of Angels Cross Game Server

 game guideThe league of angels Cross Game Server unlocks at level 33 when you upgrade the astral for your character. The cross server war is 10 players vs 10 players and starts at 13:00 and ends at 23:00 server time. When you join the queue to participate you will be matched up with other players and assigned to the blue or red team.

The best strategy to apply would be orginization, meaning you should be using the chat function to issue out any commands to the entire team. Teams should be broken up into 5 groups with 2 players in each group. There are 5 spots in which you can obtain gold ore from and each group should be watching their own spot. While one team member in the group gets gold ore the other one should be attacking any enemy that comes within range.


Staying together and being focused is the key to winning here. Work together in each group so you can win as an entire team. Soon as you get gold ore then watch for more enemies and take them out while waiting for more gold ore to spawn. After cross server wars is over you will be given rewards some of these rewards are honor points which can be redeemed in the honor shop.

Cross Game Server Honor Shop

basic energy cardThe league of angels cross game server honor shop allows you to spend the honor that you have accumilated from cross server wars. The honor shops offers emblems or fashion cores that you can purchase and use. Players are not allowed to wear two emblems of the same type at the same time. These emblems range in power and attributes that help you during battles throughout league of angels. Each emblem has a valid day limit meaning the emblem can only be used for X amount of days as specified on each emblem.

To use the emblems you open your character screen by clicking on the Char icon on the bottom of your screen. The emblem icon will show next to your character and take you to the emblem screen where you can upgrade your emblem to receive additional bonus stats and attributes You earn expereince points for each upgrade you attempt and when you reach the goal as shown on the emblem upgrade screen, your emblem will be upgraded.

Current emblems are Rage Emblem, Justice Emblem, Enhanced Justice Emblem, Ruin Emblem, Enhanced Ruin Emblem and Rapture Emblem. You should choose the one that best fits your fighting style and strategy you are using in the league of angels game.

Fasion cores are used to enhance special clothing items such as wings.

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