League Of Angels Daily Rewards

 game guideAs with most online browser games you have daily rewards, online bonuses and loot. League of angels offers online bonuses chest that has different items you can pickup the longer you stay online. These rewards can all be collected within 2 hours of you being online playing the game.

The daily loot in league of angels is split up into many different tabs that all offer different rewards for rankings, scoring, daily login, retrieval of rewards, and daily task for devotion. The check-in is fairly simple and straight forward as all you do is click on check-in when you login and you will receive bonus rewards on day 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20. These rewards may change so I will not list them here.


Daily task are things that you would normally complete while playing the game. Each task will grant you a certain amount of devotion points. When you reach 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 devotion you can claim additional rewards. These task range from enhancing equipment to doing gemology to fighting in the world boss fights.

Daily Rewards, Rankings and Loot

daily rewardsLeague of angels allows you to do retrieval of lost rewards from not completing task the day before. You have the option to use Gold which gives you 60% of the rewards lost or use diamonds which gives you 100% of the lost rewards. You can click on each of these 1 by 1 or use the 1-click button to get all rewards at once with gold. The Max Rewards button will use diamonds to get you 100% of the lost rewards.

Point Chest from daily rewards are for the top rankings of Raiders, Gemology, or Tidal pool. The point chest are here in case you forgot or missed picking up your chest from the event after completing it.

Rankings from daily loot is where all the top rankings rewards are located and can be picked up when you login. These are bonus rewards for those that have scored the highest in those events and are in the top rankings. Collection is as simple as clicking on the highlighted collect button..

Check your daily loot and rewards when you first login each day to make sure you are not missing out on any rewards.

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