League Of Angels Erebus Strategies Guide

 game guideThe league of angels gemology guide helps you understand how erebus works and helps you discover how to obtain the best armor in league of angels. This basic erebus strategy guide is meant to be used as a starting point to help players and is by far a complete strategy.

The erebus challenge opens up when your character reaches level 40 and you upgrade your astral. A new icon appears at the top of the screen marked erebus with a number 2 on the top of it. The number is how many attempts are left in the erebus challenge. Clicking on the icon gives you 4 different levels but only the 1st level is open when you first start erebus. Each level has 3 sub-levels in them and they must be completed before the next level opens.


Erebus is a maze of sorts which allows your character to move from the beginning all the way to the end where you fight a boss. When you move you have certain events that appear, these events will be questions, enemy encounters, karma, treasure of erebus, and other events. Each of these events will either give points or take points away. The more points you earn before getting to the boss the more card pick attemps will be allowed after fighting the boss.

League Of Angels Erebus Armor

basic energy cardSome of the best armor you can obtain in League Of Angels is from the erebus challenge. In the first level you can obtain triumph shards for helm, sword, and other armor while the second level you can obtain conquest shards for armor. This is the most powerful armor that you can receive in league of angels.

The armor shards can be obtained in several ways. Doing a erebus treasure event allows you to pick a card based on 4 cards, 2 of these cards contain at random armor shards that could be obtained. Hitting an event such as strong enemy or enemy encounter and defeating that enemy will sometimes give you armor shards. Armor shards can also be obtained by the card pick(s) after fighting the main boss at the end of your erebus map.

After receiving 18 shards of 1 type of armor (such as sword) you can go to the synth tab under your character menu and start crafting the armor to go on your heros. You need 18 shards, 1 print (which you can buy in the arena shop), adamantium (synth material) and gold to craft each piece armor.

Once your armor has been synth and crafted then you able to equip that new armor on your heros. Go through erebus twice a day to build up your armor shards and get all your heroes armor upgraded, this gives you the best advantage in fights with other players and boss fights.

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