League Of Angels Gemology Guide

 game guideThe league of angels gemology guide helps you understand the basics of gemology and how to obtain the most points in gemology. Discover where you can obtain basic energy cards for use with gemology and when to use those gem energy cards.

Gemology in league of angels is something similar to the game tetris where you need to line up rows of blocks. In gemology there are 5 basic colors of gems - blue, red, purple, yellow and green. When you open gemology the system shuffles the order in which they show and then allows you to begin. Gemology is a basic point and click game where you can move the gems up or down by swapping spots with other gems.


The basic idea is to line the same color up with at least 3 in a row. When 3 gems of the same color are in a row it will bust and give you rewards in the form of gems, socketing rods, synth scrolls, and other items. The more gems you line up the more rewards you receive and the more points you get. The higher the points the more rewards chest you will get after gemology is over with.

League Of Angels Basic Energy Card

basic energy cardCurrently you are given 40 moves in gemology, 20 basic and 20 advanced. The number of moves can be increased by applying basic energy cards. Click on the energy card from your inventory and it will show a drop down menu that says "use". Selecting use will add the amount of moves you have to your gemology.

You can obtain basic energy cards from your daily online rewards, purchase the cards in the shop and sometimes from the hot events. These basic energy cards can rage from 5 - 50 moves each but the most standard is 10 moves per card. To obtain the most rewards in gemology it is an excellent strategy to save up your cards until you have 200, 300 or more moves. Doing this gives you the best possible chance at getting over 2,000 points and additional rewards for ranking on the top rankings for gemology.

To get the most points you need to think ahead and see where the gems will drop when you line up gems to be busted. While getting 3 gems in a row seems to be easy, it's not always the best as far as points and rewards. Focus on trying to get 4 and 5 gems in a row to be busted. Pay close attention as sometimes you can bust 3 or 4 sets of gems at one time by moving the gems in the right spots.

You must line up at least 3 gems in a row but your goal is to get 4 or 5 in a row. Having 4 or 5 gems in a row of the same color will grant you the most points. After gemology is finished you can click on the treasure chest in the center to collect your chest from the points you gained. The more points the more chest you are able to pickup and open for additional rewards.

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