Coins And Vouchers Guide

league of angels gaming guideTwo of the most valuable resources in league of angels are coins and vouchers. Coins are needed for upgrades of your armor, upgrades for your guild, to synth gems and other items, and to purchase various items in the gold shop. Obtaining coins and vouchers can be done through many different events in league of angels, in this gold coins guide we will cover many of the basics to help you further your league of angels game play.

Obtaining coins can be done through various events in league of angels, two of the biggest paying events would the the world boss fights and the wyrm race. The world boss event is only done once a day but contains 3 world bosses that you fight consecutively. Obtain gold coins and chest through fighting the world boss is an excellent way to build up your stash to use for armor upgrades and guild contributions. The wyrm race event is open all day but can only be completed once a day, doing this event during certain times pays additional gold and rewards.


Other ways to obtain gold coins is through your garden by planting gold coin seeds and harvesting. Planting gold every 2 hours will net you a large amount of gold if you are going to be online playing 6 or 8 hours a day. Completing loop quests, doing your main quests, fighting in arena, fighting in clash of might, are just some of the other ways to obtain gold coins. Almost every event in league of angels will give gold coins as rewards. Doing all your daily events and often checking the hot events is an excellent strategy to obtain the most gold coins.

Obtaining The Most Vouchers

league of angels vouchers guideWhile there are many ways to obtain credits in tynon, you should spend more time on the events that will gain you the most credits. Below is listed some of the best ways to get credits, these are not the only wat but they are the best.

Hot Events - The hot events change often and some of these events will offer vouchers as a reward for completing a task or an event. Keep a close eye on the hot events and check it a few times a day because it may have an event that you can get rewards for that you may not know about.

Online Bonus Rewards - The online bonus rewards will offer vouchers if you remain online long enough. When the online bonus flashes it means your bonus rewards are ready to be picked-up.

Ranking Rewards - Some of the rankings rewards such as clash of might and arena will offer you vouchers as a reward if your rankings are high enough. You need to remain in the top 50 in arena and in the top 500 on clash of might to obtain these rewards.

Vouchers can be used in the voucher shop to purchase some items that you may need. Items such as socketing rods, holy crystals, synth scrolls, timeskip scrolls, and angel tears are available for purchase. These items will help you in building up your character and your heroes.

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