League Of Angels MMORPG

mmo gamesLeague of angels MMORPG is one of the newest free to play online browser games that places you in the fantasy era with Angels, Dwarves, Mages, and even wolves. If you are used to Wartune Online as an online gamer then you should feel right at home with League Of Angels.

The basics of the game is that you are to help release the angels to help you fight the evil that has plagued the land. Your chosen hero and party will travel through many different parts of he world defeating and completing quests to unlock and release the angels one by one. Starting off in the Elf Village as a lone hero you are given task to complete that will help you build up your character and create a team of heroes to fight with you to save the angels.


Travel through Yggdrasil, the World Tree, Forgotten Realm, Dark Forest, Flamsburg, Dragons Nest and more completing quests given to you by the Elf Priestess, Thea, Ranger Jilleon, King Nori, Wolf Lord Muttor and many other characters in the game. Take part is these quests, multi-player events, team arena, zodiac fights, guild wars, gemology and many other aspects of League Of Angels to conquer the game.

League Of Angels Free To Play

free to play online gamesLeague of angels is free to play directly in your browser or you can download the small client to play it directly from your desktop. There are many events and quests to take part in this new game along with amazing graphics and excellent game play for gamers of all ages.

You will find a variety of things to do in League Of Angels from recruiting and building up heroes, zodiac challenges, unlocking and bonding with angels, team arena fights, team dungeon fights, gemology, tidal pool, cross server battles, guilds and guild wars, clash of might and a huge amount of other events that will help you along your quests of building up your heroes.

There are some different parts to League Of Angels that you may not find in other games of similar nature. There are weekly and daily events that guilds can only particiate in, there is a complete online marriage system, and other exciting new functions being added all the time.

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