League Of Angels Recruit Heroes

 game guideThe league of angels recruit heroes guide will help you understand how to recruit heroes and what are the best heroes you can use when you are starting out in the game. This basic guide has been designed to help you get started and is not a complete strategy guide by any means.

The recruit icon at the top of the league of angels screen is where you will recruit heroes from. This is known as the tavern and currently has 4 different taverns on the recruit screens. The Dawn Tavern, Twilight Tavern, Midnight Tavern, and Enigma Tavern offers different heroes and hero combinations. These different taverns open up depending upon your character level.


Each tavern has a set of 8 heroes broken up into groups of 2 with 4 heroes each. These groups that have 4 heroes have 2 heroes that work together if you recruit both heroes. For example in the beginning of the game you would want to get the mermaid and rose knights as they have a teamwork skill bonus. Nightblade and Grimbow, Green Ranger and Astral Child also have teamwork skills. You want to get the heroes that have teamwork skills bonus to help you in your quests with league of angels.

League Of Angels Herosouls

tynon hero statsEach hero from the tavern cost X amout of herosouls, which is specified on the hero card. Currently there are opal herosouls, garnet herosouls, topaz herosouls and ruby herouls that you can obtain and use to purchase these heroes. When you first start out getting the opal hersouls for the mermaid should be one of your objectives.

To obtain hero souls in league of angels you have the option of either purchasing them through the shop, purchasing from a special event or use gold to obtain the herosouls you want. Clikcing on the "Get Herosouls" button on the tavern screen will take you to the hersouls page. On this page there are 2 free card picks every day and additional picks that cost gold. Drawing cards are random and will grant you a random number of herosouls. Spending gold in lower levels is a good idea because the higher level your character gets the more expensive card picks become.

There are options to draw 10 cards at once and use the advance draw which cost diamonds. There is a trade option at the top of this screen which allows you to trade your herosouls in for higher end herosouls. If you have already recruited opal heros and want to recruit higher heroes then using the trade option is an excellent strategy to obtain the herosouls you need.

When you have obtained the hero souls you need just open the recruit hero screen, locate the hero or heroes you want and click on recruit. The hero will be added to your current list of heroes and you can now add armor, socket gems, and start building up and training your new hero.

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