League Of Angels Team Dungeon

team dungeonTeam Dungeon is players vs monsters event that is available all day for all players. The event is designed for players to invite other players on the same server to fight along side them to gain rewards. There are 3 bosses that must be fought to obtain a rewards chest. The chest that you receive depends upon how fast you defeat all 3 bosses.

Team dungeon is split up into different levels of difficulty with Erobor for level 25 - 35 players, Sunken Labyrinth level 35 - 45 players, Blackmoon Ruins for level 45 - 55 players and Bloodrock Chasm for level 55+ players. Each of these levels become more diffucult but also offer greater rewards for completing them.


3 players at once can enter each team dungeon. The best strategy to apply here is that you choose 1 player for each boss to go after and kill. This will give your team the best possible rewards because you will finish team dungeon in no time at all. Before you begin use the chat feature to discuss what player is going to go after what boss so everyone in your team is on the same page.

League Of Angels Team Arena

team arenaLeague of angels team arena works very much like other cros server player vs player arena battles. Team arena is only open twice per day though unlike team dungeon. You should check the daily task icon for the times it is open on your server.

In most cases team arena is played with mostly players from the same guild to form a team. You do have the option to invite other players though that are on your server and not in your guild. When you create a team pay close attention to all the heros and match up the ones that have partner skills so you can use this advantage during battle.

While many make the mistake of trying to match up battle rating to create teams, this is not always the best strategy to use. Low battle rating players can be some of the strongest in the game. Instead of staying focused on battle rating try to build teams with others that have strong heroes that are properly upgraded.

Like most games that have a team arena event, league of angels matching system is by far from being perfect. Your team may have a battle rating of 200,000 and be matched up with a team from another server with a battle rating of 400,000.

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