League Of Angels Zodiac Strategies

 game guideThe league of angels aegis and zodiac unlocks at level 31 when you upgrade the astral for your character. The zodiac challenge is very similar to campaign maps where you fight a few monsters and then you fight a zodiac boss at the end of each challenge. Defeating the boss on each challenge opens up a new aegis that can be upgraded and increase your angel stats bonus.

The zodiac battle screen will display each zodiac challenge section that you have completed. You can blitz completed zodiac challenges 1 times per day. This is where you obtain most of your aegis shards from, every day when you login go to the zodiac icon and blitz each section. The blitz only takes 1 minute and you obtain 20+ zodiac shards for each blitz completed. Save these shards to upgrade higher aegis because the higher level the aegis the more shards it cost to upgrade.


Fighting and completing the first few zodiac battles is fairly easy but will get more difficult with higher levels. If you get stuck then make sure you have your armor upgraded, gems socketed, angel upgraded, along with other stat bonuses to help you defeat the next level in the zodiac battles.

League Of Angels Zodiac Aegis

basic energy cardThe zodiac aegis screen is where you can upgrade your aegis for the stats bonus that will increase your angels abilities. When you first open the aegis screen (which can be opened from your angel screen or the zodiac screen) aries aegis is the first unlocked aegis. To upgrade select the aries and then click on Smelt Aegis.

On the smelt aegis screen you have the option to smelt aegis do do the 1-click smelt, either one of these will give you the same end results. The smelt list how much it cost to do each smelt and shows the current stats and what the upgraded stats will be when you reach a new level for that aegis. With the first 2 aegis dont bother building them up past level 1 because you want to save your aegis shards for higher levels.

Before each new level upgrade of the aegis you will need to spend 60 or 70 shards to get to level 2. Level 2 has a success / failure rate factored in the upgrade so it is possible for your upgrade to fail and you lose your aegis shards. Normally this success / failure rate is 75% but can be increased by spending diamonds.

I have successfuly upgraded 5 aegis - aries, taurus, gemini, cancer and leo to level 3 (except aries which I left a level 1) without using any diamonds. Each upgrade cost more shards and the success rate goes down with the higher level to try to make the aegis.

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